We are the Official Distributor of your favorite brands like Sideshow Collectibles, Prime1 Studio, XM Studios, Toynami, Chronicle Collectibles, Elite Creature Collectibles, Efx Collectibles, Gentle Giant, Weta and Hollywood Collectibles Group among others.

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Contact information and store addresses:

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Shipping Information & Other Charges:

FLAT RATE $10 per item for all items shipped within the Philippines.

We have fixed shipping rates for our products. We do not combine shipping. See item description for rates. Because of the size and weight of some of our products, shipping costs may be very high.

Save on shipping by picking up your orders in one of our stores. Choose the STORE PICK UP delivery option.

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies:

Refunds and returns will be accepted if mailed within 3 days of receipt from us and provided item is NOT DAMAGED. Customer pays for all shipping charges. Damaged items will not be refunded. In some cases, applicable fees may apply and deducted from the amount to be refunded. Credit Card commissions/fees and shipping fees WILL NOT be refunded.

Import Taxes

Most of our products ship from the Philippines, buyers are responsible for any customs duties or taxes your government may charge or impose on your purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do we ship to North America and Europe? -For most products we do. Check out the product descriptions to confirm and get shipping estimates.

2. Do we accept Pre-Orders? -Yes, check out our Pre-Order page. Prices quoted on Pre-Order products MAY only be partial payments or deposits, read the product description to see the product price.

3. Do we combine shipping? -We do not offer special rates for combined shipping unless arranged before purchase/payment is made.

4. Can we pick up our purchases at one of your branches? -Yes, to save on shipping you may pick up your purchase at one of our stores. However, it may take 3 to 5 business days for to prepare your purchase. Choose the STORE PICK UP delivery option.

5. Why are most of the items priced cheaper online compared to store prices? -Most of our products are a bit cheaper online. We can price it a bit cheaper because we don't carry expenses that our stores have like Mall rental fees, common area dues, staff salaries, etc.

6. I do not have a Paypal account, can i still purchase and pay for items online? -Yes, our Paypal payment system allows you to use your credit card securely through our Paypal account. We do not store any payment or credit card information on our site, payment is made through Paypal's secure payment process.

We also have a virtual terminal wherein we can process your payment over the phone or by a simple email.

7. I do not have a credit card and a Paypal account, how can i purchase items online? -If you do not have a credit card or Paypal account, you can still purchase items on our site. We can arrange payment through bank deposit or by going to our stores. Just send us an email and the links of the items you want, then we can arrange any of the two options. However, SOME ITEMS may only be purchased online, some products are priced significantly lower when purchased online - in cases like these, store SRPs may be applied and not online prices.

Pre-Order Guidelines:

Pre-Order Guidelines:

1. Maxicollector Ventures, Inc (as owner of Maxicollector, Maxiworks and Heroes) does not guarantee arrival dates. Arrival dates are our best estimates from the info we get from our suppliers.

2. Pre-order prices may, at Maxicollector’s discretion, change if the peso-dollar exchange rate changes dramatically (at least 10%) from the date of the pre-order offering. Customers will then have a choice to accept the new price or get a refund.

3. Pre-orders cannot be canceled since we place our orders when we receive these customer pre-orders. If customer does not want to honor his pre-order commitment, downpayment will not be refunded until we find a buyer for the order he canceled.

4. Deposits or payments for pre-orders may not be applied to other items or pre-orders of other customers. Deposits will be applied only to the specific item pre-ordered.

5. Customer is responsible for making sure his order and downpayment is acknowledged – this can be confirmed by a pre-order slip/receipt issued by Maxicollector.

6. In the event that our supplier decreases our allotment or orders, buyer/customer may lose his reservation and get a refund. However, Maxicollector will exert all effort to meet our obligations and secure pieces for those who pre-ordered.

7. Maxicollector will try its best to inform each customer one to two weeks before the arrival of each item by posting on our facebook page. Customers will have 7 days from date of arrival in our stores to pay the balance due and pick up his item/s. If the customer fails to pay and pick up his item within the 7-day period, Maxicollector may sell his item to another customer. Customer also forfeits the pre-order price and must pay the SRP.

8. Downpayments will be forfeited if items are not picked up on time, however, Maxicollector may refund the downpayment if the item is purchased by another buyer.

9. Selling or transfering of a pre order is not allowed unless coursed through Maxicollector – we must receive confirmation from both parties and the original PO slip must be returned. Maxicollector is not obligated to honor pre order slips which have been transferred without our prior knowledge and confirmation.

10. Those who do not purchase their pre-orders within the time mentioned above can be blacklisted, in which case, all their succeeding pre-orders must be paid in full before their pre-order is accepted.

11. Customers are encouraged to contact our stores regularly to check on arrival dates and check our Facebook pages www.facebook.com/maxicollector and www.facebook.com/maxiheroes for updates.

12. Maxicollector reserves the right to change these guidelines without prior notice.

13. Placing an order means customer agrees to these guidelines.